The use of an elastic bandage for varicose veins

Varices — a disease of the veins of the lower and upper extremities. The disease manifests itself in uneven stretching of the veins, they increase in length and volume. With varicose veins worsens the appearance of the legs, from the skin are the veins and blood vessels, a man haunted aching pain in the calves and feet of the feet, sometimes preventing sleep at night. Feet are blue, there is a high likelihood of blood clots and venous ulcers, which leads to serious consequences. If not timely treatment of varicose veins it can trigger the development of diseases of the skin, tissues and bones in place of the abnormal enlargement of the veins. Varices leads the list of women's diseases, especially after childbirth.

Primum varices indicium est labor et dolor in crura
Varicose veins is associated with high physical loads on the body, taking the heavy work, excessive loads on the upper and lower limb strength exercises and sports.

The disease is severe in people with a genetic predisposition to varices, those who were injured vessels or aches cardiovascular diseases; overweight people with addictions, such as alcoholism or drug addiction. When varicose veins are contraindicated intense exercise, long journeys and walks.When the first symptoms of varicose veins to avoid serious consequences of this disease, you must immediately consult a doctor and start treatment.

Elastic bandage and its properties

Elastic bandages are indispensable assistants in carrying out compression treatment of varicose veins for over 50 years. They eliminate the stagnation of blood that forms in a vein due to the blockage. Support veins, not allowing them to stretch and increase in volume while decreasing the lumen of blood vessels. Improve the operation of the valves, this increases the movement of blood through the veins and restores healthy blood flow.

Elastic bandages eliminate blood stasis, to support the veins while decreasing the lumen of blood vessels, improve the operation of the valves, this increases the movement of blood through the veins and restores healthy blood flow

What is positive effect of using elastic bandage for varicose veins? He has to catch up, support, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties, good air permeability, and the foot does not sweat. When wearing less swelling of the veins and legs. Depending on the complexity of the disease, the volume of the foot and places the development of varicose veins select the different types: long, medium or short property of stretching. For example, after surgical treatment of varicose veins use bandages long-stretch. For therapeutic purposes, using short and intermediate types, they have 50% consist of wool, to RUB the leg and the patient's vein, their length should be 3 m, width — 10 m.

That the bandages have a positive impact on the patients limbs and is not detrimental to the process of hematopoiesis, they need to properly use. Elastic bandages for varicose veins are one of the treatment methods, but not all patients under the force to use them correctly and apply yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor, to he acquainted with the rules applying individually, then you can easily do it at home yourself. Only a correctly applied bandage has a therapeutic, compression and therapeutic effect on patients limbs. Otherwise, you can adversely affect the blood flow in the veins, worsen the course of illness and worsen the condition of the body.

How to use elastic bandage for varicose veins?

Elastic bandage for varicose veins must be applied in the morning immediately after sleep, not getting up. Preferably in the supine position. For convenience, you can raise the foot on a solid footing and start bandaging from the foot, clasp the bandage the heel, thus forming a node (the lock) to ensure that the bandage is kept on the foot, not sliding when walking and movement, as well as for better fixation. In this case, it will be tight to support the veins. All the coils should be superimposed exactly over each other, without the formation of folds, so as not to squeeze the skin and veins.

Each coil is applied overlap each other, capturing the latter by approximately one half or more. Bandaged legs necessary to the tibia of the knee joint in the upward direction. Below the knee region is fixed, but not tightly, so as not to pinch the vein and not to disturb the blood flow. The compression bandage can be determined independently depending on the shape of the legs and seat of varicose veins, besides nowadays produce bandages with manual mechanical clamps that can be adjusted independently at any desired point.

After applying the bandage, the human need to warm up that blood flow in the body was intense, and veins began to function properly. A heavy load to carry undesirable. Enough to do with a simple set of morning exercises. Very suitable for this walk for 15-20 minutes. Do not strongly pull the leg bandage, otherwise the pen to press the veins and to the rapid progression of the disease. Poorly applied elastic bandage is also impossible, because he will not give the desired effect.

For therapeutic effect is quite average compression is not a pen to push the vein or not to medical therapy. Regardless of the duration of the treatment, the bandages need to stay overnight each time to give it a rest.

The advantage of an elastic bandage is that it completely takes the shape of your foot, soft and well stretched during movement, it has a natural composition (60% — cotton, polyester, and latex) and does not cause irritation on the skin, it quickly to apply on the foot and comfortable to wear without feeling discomfort. It is invisible under pants or other clothing. To use the bandage for varicose veins required a long period of time — from one month to six months to achieve good results in the treatment of varicose veins. We should not forget about the hygienic procedures: wash the bandage 2-3 times a week in a mild soap solution and warm water. After washing, the bandages do not wring, do not expose to high temperatures, such as when Ironing. Store rolled. It has a good look and doesn't darken after washing due to its natural composition. Elastic bandage affordable to everyone, it can be purchased at any pharmacy.

In strict compliance with the rules imposing an elastic bandage, with timely treatment and regular monitoring by the attending physician varicose veins can be cured with an elastic bandage completely: to restore venous blood circulation, improve the function of blood vessels and veins, to work intravenous valves. Veins becomes elastic, and the legs attain a healthy and beautiful look.

Elastica bandages excluditur sanguinem stasis

Disadvantages of an elastic bandage

  1. Not is a preventive measure for varicose veins. It is used for the treatment of varicose veins, with some symptoms and indications. They cannot prevent the progression of the disease.
  2. Can re-compress the skin, blood vessels, capillaries and veins as during normal walking and intense exercise, despite the correct mapping.
  3. The duration of treatment. Wear it to not less than one month, and in complex cases are from 1.5 to six months.

Contraindications to the use of an elastic bandage

Elastic bandages for varicose veins are always used, but there are a number of circumstances in which it is impossible to use an elastic bandage: if you are allergic to wool and other components of the bandage.

In the postoperative period when not healing wounds and in cases of running varicose veins.