Varicose vein disease is a serious disease that is characterized by impaired movement of blood through the body due to problems with the vascular system. When this occurs, the varicose veins of the lower extremities, which is accompanied by the deterioration of blood flow.

An important feature of the disease is the appearance of visible veins on the skin surface. Some exercise and special fitness in this disease is contraindicated. They should include exercises with a lot of physical activity for the feet. Special caution is required for bodybuilding with varicose veins.


Exercises to combat varicose considered an excellent preventive option. People who are predisposed to the disease, should lead an active lifestyle.

Before you decide what equipment can be used in varicose veins, you should consult with your physician. This needs to be done, especially if the veins bulging from under the skin.

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In case of advanced disease treatment and special physical education. If the situation is not so bad, you can go to the gym.

If training is to combine weight training and cardio exercises. While strength training is performed in the supine position or sitting. Of great importance for the health of the feet is stretching.

In varicose disease need to train the muscles of the back and neck. But it is worth considering that sharp movements are contraindicated. Exercise should be calm and smooth.

You need to start training with moderate loads and it is impossible to prevent fatigue.

Varicose veins requires planning, training and special treatment. You also need to choose the right equipment for varicose veins.

Training is recommended in special compression garments or to apply elastic bandaging.

Before exercise do not need to spare time for exercise. Simulators are used as power and cardio, but there are some limitations.

We recommend the following trainers with varicose veins of the lower extremities:
  1. Exercise bike, which provides the opportunity to engage in a horizontal position. You need to rely on the back of the unit and to choose a moderate mode.
  2. Exerciser rowing helps you to work almost all major muscle groups and it does not create pressure on the lower limbs. For these exercises, you can choose any rate of load and distribute the load.
  3. Elliptical trainer with varicose veins is used with mandatory speed control and limitation. The moderate tempo chosen. A second is not more than four steps.
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Among the visitors to the gym there are people with a similar illness, but few know how to train, not to cause yourself harm. There are certain rules on the organization of training. There are exercises that should be avoided.

When you exercise on the lower part of the body should consider the following recommendations:

  1. You should not perform exercises in a standing position. Using dumbbells, you need to sit on the bench. From this position trains the back, shoulders and arms.
  2. Using equipment of varicose veins of the legs, must pay attention to the extension and flexion movements.
  3. In one workout is recommended to do a small amount of exercise after the lesson to make it easier to understand their consequences. In this case adjustments are made for changing workloads.

Varicose veins and gym facilities can be combined if correctly to organize the training and it is reasonable to dispense the load.

Some gyms have instructors that will help you to choose optimal variant loads.

The first training session should not exceed half an hour. Classes should be not only interesting, but also safe.

Ellipsoid with varicose veins has a gentle effect on the body, because it eliminates the vibration and shocks. Such simulators help to increase endurance and improve the heart and respiratory system.


Trigger varicose veins can a variety of factors, including body weight, age or gender. The most susceptible elderly women. The disease occurs in men and women a young age.

Before gym with varicose veins it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis and degree of damage.

Pre-workout is a little warm-up. To promote health and keep in shape enough to hold three workouts a week for 30 minutes. For weight loss the number of classes can not be changed, but it is necessary to increase the number of minutes for one exercise.

A workout in the gym in this disease have the following advantages:

  1. Reducing excess weight that reduces the load on the veins.
  2. Active movement contribute to the stabilization of the venous pressure.
  3. Strengthens muscles and reduces the risk of blood clots.
  4. Workout prevent stretching of the veins.
  5. Recovery occurs in the early stages of the disease.

For classes you should choose clothes made of compression hosiery to prevent varicose veins and maintain stable pressure. Special clothing is recommended to remove after half an hour after a workout, which eliminates the possibility of negative consequences.

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For best effect, training in the gym can be supplemented with yoga or swimming.


It is important to choose the right exercises with the existing problem. Properly organizing a workout you can perform exercises to strengthen the muscles, fat burning and cardio training complex.

Many people are concerned about what are the contraindications in this disease. For example: is it possible to do on a Stairmaster?

The most dangerous exercises should include lifting and holding weights. Not recommended power aerobics and step aerobics. Do not abuse the jumping squat. Contraindicated different types of wrestling. With the right approach and the gradual increase of load effect is maximum.