Apple cider vinegar varicose veins in the legs: how to use, is there any benefit?

Varicose veins is characteristic not only of the vessels of the legs. It is found in the hands, the body, the testicles in men. Despite this, Apple cider vinegar is commonly used topically solely on the lower extremities, although it is possible to treat them and other parts of the body. Perhaps this is due to inconvenience of use in other places.

To enhance the effect of traditional healers suggest in parallel with the external application to use a weak solution inside. Indeed, in the opinion of people on the forums, this combination helps to make the veins to normal much faster.

Before used to treat varicose veins, you should consult with a doctor – phlebologist or physician. It is advisable to undergo an examination to assess the condition of the walls of the veins and the presence (absence) of blood clots.

In receptione ad medicum-phlebologist

From the following article, you will learn: what is Apple cider vinegar is the best way to eliminate varicose veins, as it is most often used how to make and drink the solution, contraindications.

Which product is suitable for the treatment of varicose veins: homemade or

Vinegar suitable home and natural Apple juice. One that is made of acetic acid, flavor "Apple" – does not fit!

You can also prepare Apple cider vinegar by yourself. There are many ways of cooking, and all use whole apples. It differs from the buying of the product that is used manufacturing residues in the peel and core.

Cursus a forma, thrombophlebitis

External treatment of varicose veins

The following methods should be used during 1-1,5 months, and then take a break for 2 weeks.

  • After waking up and before going to bed, and after each bathing, to wash the feet of undiluted Apple cider vinegar. To wipe it is not necessary to wait for drying. This method effectively eliminates the pain and feeling of heaviness.
  • If you can lie down in the morning and evening for half an hour, then do the following. Dampen the cloth (towel) to not dilute vinegar, raise your leg up and wrap it, starting from the foot. From top, apply the tape and insulation. Lie so that the feet were elevated (put a pillow under the foot). Then remove the fabric, the legs do not need to wash.
  • Type in the bathtub with cold water in such volume that it reached his knees. Pour it in a liter of Apple cider vinegar. Keep feet in water for 2-3 minutes. After, without wiping, put on cotton socks first, and the top is made of natural wool. To lie down with his feet on the platform. Lie need until, until you feel them heat.
  • Daily before going to bed soak a cotton swab in undiluted Apple cider vinegar and lubricate every vein separately. Several times, as it dries.
  • On the night of Vienna you can apply the ointment of Apple cider vinegar. For its preparation you will need one raw egg yolk, teaspoon of turpentine and a tablespoon of natural Apple cider vinegar. Ingredients whisk. The ointment is rubbed into the places affected varices varicose veins from the foot to the knee.

Considering the price of high-quality natural product, and how much it will need for the treatment, learn to cook it yourself is a very good option.


In parallel with wraps and baths, to treat varicose veins Apple cider vinegar can be taken orally. Two ways:

  1. Waking up in the morning, on an empty stomach drink a glass of cold water with added 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  2. Drink a glass of water with vinegar after waking up and at night. Add in this case, you need one teaspoon.

Additional its use helps to cleanse the body, normalizes metabolism, improves digestion, strengthens blood vessels. Drinking vinegar is unlimited, but the weakness of the digestive tract, especially the stomach, after a month of taking need to take a break. In the case of heartburn, discomfort in the stomach or esophagus – the reception should be stopped.

Contraindications when using

For external ways: thrombosis and atherosclerosis in later stages.

Inside Apple cider vinegar with varicose veins (and other diseases) cannot be used in case of:

  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • acute and chronic inflammatory processes in the liver and kidneys;
  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum;
  • advanced forms of thrombosis and atherosclerosis.


Analysis of feedback on the forums has shown that the greatest effect of the ingestion and external use of Apple cider vinegar has the beginning of the development of varicose veins under the condition of regular use. A neutral outcome more often associated with irregular use, there are also negative reviews (usually associated with increased pain in the veins of the legs).

Before treatment of varicose veins with Apple cider vinegar, be sure to go to the doctor. Be healthy!