Treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities folk remedies

Having had the first signs of varicose veins, people usually get upset. Women presenting how ugly will become their feet in the near future, men thinking that will have to have surgery. Actually, the first stage of the disease does not carry health risks, and its duration may be calculated over the years. Therefore, usually there is enough time to make the necessary arrangements, and to begin to apply some folk remedies for varicose veins on the legs.

varicose veins and homogeneous treatments

Who falls into the risk category

As varicose veins of the lower extremities is one of the most common diseases in the world, you need to try to prevent its occurrence, by conducting necessary preventive maintenance, including traditional methods. Should be particularly attentive to certain categories of people:

  • for those who have or had relatives, dolore varicose veins, in this case, the tendency to atherosclerosis is inherited;
  • people forced to spend long hours standing or sitting, which causes congestion in the veins, weakening them and extension;
  • smokers and persons who frequently consume alcohol is the fastest way to get varicose veins on the legs;
  • fans to take a hot bath and the steam bath and sauna – from frequent heat and tides of blood veins lose their tone and are often left in an extended position;
  • the holders of excess weight and pregnant women increases the load on the veins, whereby their walls are damaged and lose their functionality.

What signs can indicate the onset

In the first stage to identify the disease is quite difficult. For this reason, a very small percentage of the population turns to the doctor during this period, though this point is optimal for the treatment of varicose veins folk remedies.

One should get alert if:

  • his legs began to tire quickly, become heavy and ache;
  • swelling appears often and a long time goes or goes into a pasty state, in which the hole by pressing a finger on tumidam place immediately straightened;
  • become visible small veins and large veins, they can be a little pripuhnut along the entire length;
  • periodically lower leg cramps, often at night, or discomfort often itching.

The emergence of such symptoms almost certainly means that developing varicose veins of the legs, getting rid of of which at this point in time it is possible if to apply the treatment folk remedies. Folk medicine has long been stores the tips that tell you how to get rid of varicose veins.

traditional methods of varicose vein treatment

What are the benefits of this approach

Treatments for varicose veins must meet many conditions, the most popular recipes from varicose veins successfully:

  1. The increase in vascular tone and strengthen the venous walls, reducing their ability to expand.
  2. Optimization of blood flow and oxygen exchange.
  3. The restoration of the functioning of the venous valves.
  4. Preventing the occurrence of blood clots by making the blood more fluid and run the regeneration of platelets.
  5. Elimination of swelling and pain with diuretic properties.
  6. Reducing inflammation and protecting veins from the destructive activity of free radicals.

In addition, non-drug remedy varicose veins:

  1. Easy to use, and their preparation is available in the home.
  2. Consist of only natural ingredients, often herbal.
  3. Usually smell good and do not contain toxic substances.
  4. Cost much cheaper drugs from varicose veins, and the efficiency with varicose veins of the legs are quite comparable with them.
  5. Components for manufacturing can be purchased in any drugstore and even find in the garden or forest.

As for the result, traditional methods of treatment of varicose veins on the legs in most cases are justified and bring deliverance from the unpleasant disease.

Who does not recommend the use of unconventional methods of treatment

It is known that varicose veins treatment by means of herbal make main way of getting rid of this disease. But side effects of plants, and even more products from them, pretty hard to predict, especially for people with unstable hormonal background, particularly to pregnant and lactating women.

Therefore, some doctors suggest it is the people's treatment of women who are interested in how to treat varicose veins after childbirth.

how does varicose veins

People who have problems with blood clotting, the need for constant medical supervision and regular checking of coagulation to prevent bleeding. The risk especially increases because the veins and varicose vessels of the legs and so are more fragile than healthy.

Hypertension, chronic hypotension and vegetative-vascular dystonia in the acute form require extremely careful use of folk remedies to treat varicose veins, as some herbs and other treatments can provoke sudden changes in pressure.

Important! In all these cases the adherence to the dosage and course of medication or duration of treatment sessions prescribed by a physician, is a question of preservation of health of the patient.

How to find the right system of therapy

You need to consider that the effective treatment of varicose veins of the legs folk remedies provides, first, a comprehensive approach to the issue, and secondly, requires regular and constant application of the methods chosen.

First of all, you should choose herbs that will be added to broths, and baths, and to develop a power plan that is appropriate for patients with varicose veins. Most often, the patient is offered a vegetarian diet for a period of one week to unload the body and reduce stress on the vessels.

Next you need to decide whether it would be possible to cook your own ointment, cream or should I do the compresses, wraps, and hydrotherapy. The treatment usually takes about a month, and then repeat it or choose a different combination of procedures and components for them.

Important! Preparation of ointment or cream is a very laborious process, requiring considerable experience and knowledge.

Not to cause harm, it is best to buy such products in the pharmacy or at the doctor phyto-therapist.

The best recipes of tinctures and ointments

Many plants well known as an effective folk remedy for varicose veins in the legs. Recipes, of which there are many, but there are the most common, proven by the many people they helped to get rid of varicose veins of the legs.

Horse chestnut extract

The traditional way to strengthen the veins to prevent the development of thrombosis and normalization of the consistency of blood. He is part of many anti varicose drugs. In the home maybe as an external and internal application of funds with this plant:

  1. For tincture, you need to pour 50 g of finely chopped fruit with vodka in the amount of 0.5 L. the mixture is Then for 2 weeks stored at room temperature, avoiding light and stirring occasionally. Further, the infusion should strain and take 40 drops 3 times per day. The course is 21 days. Finished medicine is stored in a dark glass container.
  2. The composition of the ointment consists of 300 mg of olive oil, 6 fruit and 2 tbsp. l. flowers of horse chestnut, powdered. The mixture should sit sit in a water bath for one hour, allow to cool and pass through a sieve. For desired consistency, you can add any fat of animal origin. The ointment is applied at night for 2-3 weeks, then evaluate the results and, if necessary, repeat the course.
nutmeg with varicose veins


Another widely known remedy for varicose veins in the legs. It stimulates circulation, relieves inflammation and eliminates venous congestion. On its basis it is possible to prepare tinctures.

  1. The simplest and vodka. You will need 200g of chopped nuts and a litre of vodka. The mixture insist 10 days, filtered and taken 20 drops 3 times a day. The course is designed for the use of the total volume of the prepared tincture.
  2. 1/3 tsp of nutmeg powder to pour a glass of boiling water, cool and add 1 tsp of honey. Leave for 20 minutes, taking a daily on an empty stomach for 2 months. The infusion should not be stored, so you'll have to cook it every morning.


Perfectly removes inflammation and fights bacteria, helping to accelerate tissue regeneration. For the preparation of ointments using the entire aboveground part of the plant, crushed and mixed with animal fat in a ratio of 1:1. The composition needs to brew for a day, then it must be filtered after heating, and put it in a glass container. To use as needed.

Honey and lemon – a real treasure for people with vein problems.

  1. Infusion improves the strength of blood vessels, restores their tone, prevents thrombosis and destroys atherosclerotic plaque. You will need the following ingredients: juice of 6 lemons; 2 cups honey; 5 cloves garlic; 3 leaf Golden mustache. Components are mixed in a container made of glass and leave in dark place for a week, then drink 4 teaspoons a day for 30 days.
  2. The second option is the use of honey inside is a mixture of 250 g of garlic or onion, and 350 g of honey. The tool must be infused in the warmth and darkness 10-14 days. The course and duration of admission – 1 tablespoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 2 months.
  3. Ointment based on propolis: 100 g of propolis and cedar resin and 150 g of olive oil heated in a water bath nearly to boiling, then cooled, put in glass dish and put into the refrigerator and store. Before bed feet covered with the composition, wrapped or bandaged with cloth cum, carry out procedure up to 3 weeks.

Good effect for varicose veins of the legs has a ointment from the fruit of de marcus tullius (Adam's Apple). For its production need glass bakeware and pork or other fat. McClure and lard passed into the container in layers starting with the layer of fat approximately 1.5 cm thick.

Layer slices of de marcus tullius needs to be a little thinner. The top should remain fat. Further dishes languishing in the oven or a slow cooker on the "anguish" about a day. After that, the composition was stirred, allowed to cool and lubricate the affected vein 2-3 times a day.

a compress for varicose veins

Effective compresses

More simple to prepare than ointments, the effectiveness of many tools used as a lotion, is quite high. Components for the compressor, you can easily find in any kitchen or at the nearest store, and even grow themselves.

Aloe Vera juice and Shilajit

The most difficult here is to correctly extract the juice of the plant. To do this, take the old fleshy leaves, sunt cum saturatioribus boiling water and siccum, and then stored in a refrigerator for 7 days. The juice obtained from such leaves, retains and concentrates all the beneficial properties of this remarkable plant. Per 100 g is necessary to take 5 g mumie and lubricate the affected areas, cover them with the cloth and wrap in about a day.


Excellent swelling and promotes the resorption of hematomas, i.e., leads to normal blood circulation. A compress is prepared very simply – raw potato grate, to impose on his feet and cover with cloth or bandage. You can keep up to 4-5 hours, apply daily to ease symptoms.


Effectively improves the condition of the veins and blood vessels spongillidae. 2 tbsp need to dissolve in a glass just ferventis water and infuse for a couple of hours. Then soak in the infusion piece of cheesecloth and wrap the feet for 1.5 hours. Repeat procedure morning and evening, at the same time decrease pain.

Green tomatoes

Unripe tomatoes many call one of the most effective means of varicose veins. Green tomatoes cut into quarters and applied to the affected areas on the feet until a slight burning sensation, then the area wiped with a damp swab and then the procedure is repeated.

In General, you need to make 5 of these manipulations in a row daily for 2-3 weeks. During this time, the dark swollen veins should become more bright, and nodes almost disappear.

Tubs and baths

Doctors believe water treatments are very useful in the treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities. Warm water opens your pores and helps nutrients to penetrate easier into the affected areas.


soda with varicose veins

Baking soda is one of the vehicles, the range of applications is very wide. With varicose veins, we recommend taking a warm bath with a pack of soda, the water temperature should be around 38 degrees, duration – 15-20 minutes.

With the need to ensure that the water did not reach the level of the heart. To make such bath is not more than 2 times a week, and then be sure to wash the skin with clean water.

But a foot bath with baking soda can be done in a day. In a bowl, pour 5 liters of warm water, dissolve 5-7 tbsp of baking soda and keep feet up to 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water and smeared with ointment.

Grape leaves

Grape leaves are also used for baths varicose veins, 50 grams to 3 liters of boiling water indignans and diluted with water or decoction of chamomile to a warm temperature. Duration of reception – 20 minutes, course of 15 treatments for a month.


The vein treatment on legs folk remedies usually gives good results, but is it possible to cure varicose veins running stages with them – a moot point.

Despite the fact that healers and herbalists to assure patients of high efficiency methods of nonconventional medicine, doctors believe that in cases of lesions of the skin and veins to the occurrence of thrombosis and ulcerations is necessary to apply complex therapy, up to surgical interventions.

In any case, in search of information about how to cure varicose veins, be sure to consult a doctor-phlebologist and pass the required examination. In addition, you should normalize the diet, to abandon bad habits and lead an active life that includes sports and traffic.