Compression stockings: types, classes, compression, rules of use and care

The compression garment helps with varicose veins. It is used to eliminate symptoms and to prevent. There are different types of underwear for men and women. Prescribe therapeutic knitwear depending on the severity of the disease and in the absence of contraindications. Details will be analyzed in the article.


The need to use

Therapeutic linen prevents the development of varicose veins and helps to get rid of the disease. It supports different parts of the lower extremities. Medical therapy along with treatment linens helps to improve the condition of veins and blood vessels, reducing the load on aching feet.

The main pressure falls on the foot and lower leg. This section of the foot need support for loads and walking. The tibia and femur accounted for 70% and 40% compression, respectively. The higher you go, the less pressure on the limb.

Therapeutic properties and indications for use

Compression allows to distribute the load on the legs. The result normalizes blood circulation. The diameter of the vessels decreases. Relieves pain, swelling and fatigue.

Medical hosiery support vessels from the outside, preventing them from stretching. Venous tone is improved. Practice shows that therapeutic underwear helps to get rid of varicose veins even at the stage of complications. Applying compression stockings, rehabilitation after removal of veins flows much easier.

Use of medical socks and stockings products recommended in the following cases:

  • the appearance of veins on the legs;
  • pregnancy;
  • swelling of the lower extremities;
  • fatigue in the legs;
  • the appearance of pain when walking;
  • varices of any degree of severity;
  • period after surgery;
  • the appearance of blood clots;
  • prevention of varicose veins.

Medical hosiery for athletes is a kind of insurance against the possible appearance of varicose veins.

Types of lingerie

compression underwear

The market of medical products today offers a wide range of therapeutic knitwear for women and men. In the direction of the impact on the lower limbs there are three main types of knitwear:

  1. Preventive linen, exerting minimum compression on the legs. The result stabiliziruemost blood flow in the lower limbs.
  2. Therapeutic linen of high and medium compression. Applies intensive and complicated varicose veins.
  3. Postoperative linen used in hospitals and clinics. Therapeutic knitwear will make it easier to move the period of adaptation of the patient after surgery.

Depending on the localization of venous insufficiency, you can pick up a compression garment to maintain the different parts of the feet.

The compression socks. Socks compress the foot and heel, allowing stabiliziruemost circulation in the legs and increases the muscle tone. The use of this category of therapeutic hosiery helps to reduce the risk of varicose veins. Compression socks are used in complex therapy to resolve vein disease.

Compression stockings. Stockings are very popular among the fair half of mankind. Modern medical linen looks no worse than usual. Stockings compress the limb in full to hip. Used to eliminate serious pathologies with varicose disease.

Silicone elastic band located inside the stocking, lets slide the underwear down.

In some instances, extra long stockings, which are fastened in the groin or waist. Fixation is performed using a special belt with contact tape.

Compression tights. Therapeutic stockings used in preventive and curative purposes. There is one drawback – linen is difficult to wear. The tights have a tightening effect all of the lower limbs. In addition to the therapeutic effect, they smooth the waist, hips and buttocks. Commercially available tights with closed and open toe.

The compression tights. Therapeutic leggings leggins remind from my childhood. Leggings are used to reduce the load on the legs from ankles to waist. Leggings are assigned in the case that you do not require support of the foot. Linen in this category is often used by athletes for fitness. Assigned leggings prophylactically and at the first symptoms of varicose veins.

Compression socks and leg warmers. "High socks" is used in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins that develops below the knee. They support the leg from foot to knee. Different products the fact that socks are socks and leg warmers – no. The first advantage in the treatment of varicose veins obviously. Compressive properties and Golf socks provide an accurate formulation of the foot and support muscle tone ankle joint. Walking reduces the load on the foot. Eliminates the heaviness in the legs.

A compression bandage. The medical bandage is a thick headband that pulls the legs in the Shin. Assigned linen in the postoperative period. The bandage fixes the lower part of the legs, allowing the skin to breathe. After removing the veins, within six months it is recommended to use a compression bandage to reduce the load on the lower limbs.

how to choose knitwear

How to choose?

Medical hosiery is sold in pharmacy kiosks and orthopedic salons. The attending physician must write a prescription to the patient, on the basis of which the seller will select the best option. To choose the linen yourself for therapeutic purposes impossible.

Compression hosiery is divided into 4 classes:

  1. Class 1. Linen with the least pressure on the lower limb – 23 mm Hg. article is Assigned in the early stages of development of varicose veins occur when veins, small veins, fatigue and heaviness in the legs.
  2. Class 2. Underwear that tightens the leg to 33 mm Hg. article is Assigned for varicose veins of moderate severity, and in the treatment of complications, in particular thrombosis.
  3. Class 3. Linen with a high effect of compression to 45 mm Hg. article Therapeutic linen this category applies to intensive and complicated varicose disease.
  4. Class 4. Medical linen compresses lower limb to 50 mm Hg. article, eliminating the fluid retention in the intercellular space. Used when dealing with varicose veins in the complicated form, for example, when lymphostasis – "elephantiasis" caused by a running condition of varicose veins.

Medical Jersey of each class is available in any variety of socks, tights, leggings and more. When choosing, it is important that the place of localization of the disease. Based on this index is determined by the therapeutic knit. For example, if the varices develops in the Shin, you need to use leg warmers or socks. If the disease progresses, causing pain syndrome of the entire limb are tights.

Next, you need to find out your size using the following measurements:

  • the volume of the lower and upper end of tibia in cm;
  • the length of the legs from ankle to knee;
  • hip girth at a height of 25 cm from the knee;
  • length of the lower limb;
  • the circumference of waist and hips (for tights).

Developed a custom table to determine the size of medical knitwear on the basis of individual measurements. From different manufacturers, the data may differ. A pharmacy or orthopedic salon specialist will choose the linen size you need.

The cost of quality knitwear is very noticeable for the family budget. Therefore, initially it is necessary to purchase an inexpensive model for testing. There are cases that linen creates discomfort when worn. You may have to change settings when buying. If the Jersey is not in any way uncomfortable, you can purchase another similar product of high quality.

Manufacture of the compression underwear must be certified. It is not necessary to purchase medical knitwear in supermarkets and on the market. Salons specializing in the sale of therapeutic hosiery, as a rule, cooperate with medical institutions and have all the necessary documentation. When buying compression underwear for the first time, you can request the certificate confirming the quality.

Compression and knitted wear made of cotton, nylon, lycra and microfiber. Linen breathes well and is absolutely safe for health. In summer, you can pick up sheer knit. If the veins are very manifest and spoil the appearance of the feet, acquired tights or stockings that are worn under pants. A quality product is not electrified and does not cause discomfort when worn.

Before buying compression underwear review the quality standards. Buying a fake, at best you will not get the result. Poor Jersey may harm the health!

knitwear for men

Especially for men

Medical Jersey for men is made of special material. On the external side it has good elasticity, inside linen laced with fibers of cotton. This knit provides maximum compression to the lower limb.

The effect of the use of men's underwear is as follows:

  • stabiliziruemost blood circulation;
  • eliminates pain syndrome;
  • facilitated the process of walking;
  • normal pressure in the lower extremities.

Depending on the place of development of varicose disease, men make some types of underwear:

  • Golf with varicose veins in the area of the leg;
  • stockings in venous insufficiency above the knee;
  • stockings with tightening the belt, eliminating the disease in the iliac region;
  • underwear, used more often in training and competitions with the purpose of protecting the genitals.

According to statistics, men's underwear, mainly used in circulatory disorders.

Especially for women

The advantage of medical lingerie for the beautiful half of humanity is a breathable material. Ladies are sensitive about their appearance. A modern manufacturer offers therapeutic knitwear for every taste. Women can choose high-quality linen for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

The range of compression products implies the existence of different colors and textures. Transparent lingerie will complement the modern woman's wardrobe, dark – hides inflamed veins.

Underwear for expectant mothers

Pregnant women are at risk for the development of varicose veins during the period of gestation of the baby. This is due to the increased load on the legs. Medical hosiery is recommended to start to wear from the first months of pregnancy. Manufacturers offer anti-varicose socks and stockings for pregnant women with optimal compression.

In the last months of prenatal period, it is better to buy special tights for pregnant women. The upper part of the Jersey features an elastic waistband that supports the abdomen without unnecessary pressure. Linen is made of breathable fabric: pregnant women do not feel discomfort. A large range of products allows you to choose the Jersey with the physiological characteristics and personal preferences.

To wear a compression garment during pregnancy just necessary, but only as directed by your doctor.

How to wear?

Compression hosiery difficult to put on, if you do not know a few rules:

  1. Put on knitwear in the morning in the lying position.
  2. Not worth much to stretch linen.
  3. Collect knit in the accordion.
  4. If leggings or tights without a sock, gently push the foot through the bottom of the linen. If it's tights and gently pulled the Jersey on foot.
  5. Next, straighten the thing and slowly pulled on the rest region of the limb.
  6. Tights worn, lifting the waist over the bed surface, while remaining in the supine position.

Correctly chosen compression much trouble does not deliver, if you follow the instructions on the application.

Product care. Lifetime

product care

The preservation of the therapeutic properties therapeutic of underwear will depend on the correct care for them:

  • Compression hosiery is subject to daily wash by hand. Things should not remain dust and dirty particles from the previous socks.
  • Wash the product at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.
  • Powders for regular underwear use. The best option would be baby soap.
  • Therapeutic hosiery should not be subjected to bleaching, Ironing, drying with hot air.
  • Washed linen have on Terry towel without pre-extraction.
  • The location of the silicone gum is not blurred to avoid the loss of its fixing properties. You can just run a cotton pad with alcohol.

Lifespan therapeutic knitwear depends on the quality of the product and proper care of him. Manufacturers of compression underwear claim that it will last from 6 months and above. But is it really?


Despite the fact that compression hosiery is considered safe for health, contra is still there. Linen is not recommended for patients with the following indications:

  1. Disease, leading to narrowing of the blood vessels: atherosclerosis, aortoarteritis, endarteritis.
  2. Thrombophlebitis of the last stage.
  3. Damage to the skin: Allergy, trauma, sores, inflammation.
  4. Predisposition to muscle atrophy (genetic).

If you identify one of these diseases, medical linen is canceled.

Can I use for prevention?

The therapeutic hosiery as a preventive measure is an essential thing. But to engage in independent action is not necessary. At the first sign of varicose veins you need to visit a specialist. The doctor will prescribe a course of treatment and will select the right knit. If wrongly selected size and compression class can, at best, not to result from the alleged prevention. In the worst – is the prevention of losing time and aggravate the manifestation of the disease.