What sport can do for varicose veins

Venous insufficiency imposes many limitations on the active life of a man, but that doesn't mean that the sport will have to put a final and irrevocable cross. Proper selection of sports shoes, compression hosiery and careful selection of suitable types of sports will help not only to abandon an active lifestyle, but will also prevent relapses.

Water sports


Water, whose density hundreds of times greater than the density of air, removes excess internal pressure in the veins, while massaging the muscles. This can impact the best way the health vessels. In addition, when swimming the body is horizontal, which helps blood flow, improve circulation and reduce the load on the limb. If swimming from one end of the pool to the other, I want to introduce elements of creativity and imagination, excellent sport with varicose veins will serve as Aqua aerobics. To provide the load to the muscles without any damage to the blood vessels, improve skin condition, develop beautiful posture with the simultaneous prevention of vascular disease – all of this can only Aqua aerobics.


From fitness classes at the sports club or at home should not give up – they are able to benefit under certain conditions. Any exercise with varicose veins should be based on the strict distribution of the load. All the exercises on a step, squats, running, jumping, lunges, leg press should be excluded. Also have to give up playing sports: soccer, hockey, etc. But the classes are classical yoga, shaping, Pilates, stretching or a leisurely "stroll" with the help of the treadmill can be easily included in the list of approved physical activities.

Street sports

A good therapeutic effect on the condition of blood vessels with varicose veins can have such types of outdoor sports, like badminton, Golf, Cycling, walking, skiing. All loads should be modest, professional occupation these sports is unacceptable. In addition, to maintain muscle tone, prevent complications and further development of venous insufficiency, it is recommended to include in your gym load exercises performed lying on your back, familiar from childhood: "Bicycle", "scissors", "birch", walking in place without lifting the stop from the floor.

Physical activity is very beneficial for the human body. Moreover, the use of it does not depend on existing health problems. But despite this, it is very important when choosing classes to be careful.

What you should pay attention to the people suffering from varicose veins

First and foremost, people suffering from varicose veins, it is important to realistically assess the state of his health. Therefore, choosing the sport, be sure to consider the degree of varicose veins, the nature of the dilatation, the presence of complications. Before you begin to engage in a particular sport, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

Corporalis operatio

It is equally important to choose feasible for a load. A large number of people doing, for example, in the health club, rely only on own forces, that may cause irreparable harm. Your assessment of the resources of the organism may be far from reality. In addition, many often forget about the sense of measure, choose too long, or too large training load, wanting to lose weight faster or to pump up the muscles.

Varicose veins are invalid overload, so it is very important to begin classes only after consultation with a specialist in medical physical training or fitness trainer. Do not skimp on this service, because it can help you achieve your desired result without injury.

Be sure to wear compression stockings. Specially designed socks and stockings prevents venous congestion and protect from injury, making classes safe and comfortable. For training you need to purchase underwear of the class of compression which the doctor-phlebologist advice that you for your daily wearing. It must be high quality, otherwise the linen may harm your health. Therefore, buy certified products widely known manufacturers, sold in specialty stores.


Varicose veins are allowed to practice walking on the treadmill, the elliptical, ellipsoid,elliptical, aerobics also shown, with the exception of the jumping, Jogging. Please note that the rapid running or sudden acceleration is harmful for the veins because are to power the load. Valid statistical loads, such as callanetics, yoga. With the exception of those where a static position combined with the strong tension of the muscles. Also a positive result makes swimming and Aqua aerobics.

Very dangerous varicose veins weight training on legs – a variety of bench press, squats, lunges, lifting weights or barbell from a standing position. All this gives more stress on the veins. Solidify the biceps with varicose veins only lifting the barbell or kettlebell, from the prone position. During the impact and stress loads, such as step aerobics or jumping there is also a large risk to injure the vein.