Tincture chestnut varicose veins: a recipe

Further - more. Blood clots can clog a vein. And begin inflammation of the walls of vessel thrombosis, in the best case, leading to surgical intervention. The lack of blood in the veins leads to venous ulcers.

Varicose veins — companion of hemorrhoids and prostatitis. In the anus under the mucous membrane dilate the venous plexus. In them there is a stagnation of blood appear hemorrhoids, terribly painful, bleeding. Venous stasis is formed and in the prostate gland affected by prostatitis.

Varices — comes anorum et prostatitis

Folk remedies for the prevention of varicose veins

Medicine does not stop in the fight against the insidious varicose, taking in its Arsenal of new pharmacological agents, penetrating laser. But the old means of alternative medicine are not forgotten, because they are tested by many generations. And they help "calm" the disease is only delayed. Proven: prevention is the best method of treatment.

Remember some of the most commonly used features: juice of potato inside and lotions, rubbing veins with Apple cider vinegar and taking his own inside, walking through the morning dew in cotton socks, headbands slurry of the herb Artemisia silver with sour cream, lubrication patients veins tincture of birch buds. Many claim that they were helped by the infusion of the fruit chestnut.

Specify "pedigree"

in infusione fructus varii

To treat need horse chestnut. Planting it spread throughout Europe, some species reach Moscow. Horse chestnut edible, without habits not even eat animals. It's called still jeludkom, asculum(from the Latin Aésculus). Trees, horse chestnut is decorative, used in Park landscaping. He even "documents" is not a relative of the chestnut, which is edible in the fruit. Of course, these trees are similar. But they come from different families of the plant Kingdom.

Handy man and was famous for the horse chestnut as a fighter against diseases of the veins. It lowers blood viscosity, increases the filling of the venous system, thus preventing clot formation. Ointment, tincture of chestnut varicose veins have been successfully used as a tonic to strengthen the walls of veins, eliminates the inflammatory process in blood vessels. Chestnut promotes healing of varicose (venous) ulcers. Helps to curb hemorrhoids. Stay on this herbal remedy as a tincture chestnut varicose veins. It is an effective drug which has become popular. Why is he healing what substances concentrated in it?

The secret forces

For treatment use the roots and bark of branches (collected in the period juice motion), flowers, leaves (not yet yellow) seeds with skin (in September). All these parts of the tree have medicinal organic matter. What is their strength in the fight against varicose?

In the cortex, and brown the shell of the rind of the seeds contains tannins, saponin and glycosides escin and esculin praxin, fatty oil. In the flowers - flavonoids, rutin, pectin, derivatives of kaempferol. In purified nuclei, starch, tannins and saponins, fatty oil, flavonoids.

in castaneis

Tannins (tannins) to condense and consolidate protein molecules in the shell of the veins, making them impervious and smooth. Tannins taste astringent. For example, oral mucosa "tanning" (becomes dense) from them. The same happens with the veins vessels: their walls are compacted and disappears fragility, they are covered with a protective film that prevents the penetration of infections, irritants.

Saponins (sapo – soap) is a natural soap-like substances that have bactericidal, therefore, anti-inflammatory properties. The chestnuts is present in the form of escin. This explains the use of for washing your hands of kernels of ripe chestnuts. The therapeutic effect of escin is that it tones the veins, driving the stagnated blood, reduces swelling, reduces lymphatic flow.

Coumarin glycosides esculin and number praxin have delicate dermal application anticoagulant effect - thinning the blood, and it speeds up your current veins. The improved blood circulation gives absorption effect of trophic ulcers ("flowers" varicose veins) are tightened.

Rutin reduces vascular fragility and permeability of capillaries, dissolves cholesterol deposits, reduces blood pressure, relieves allergies and swelling.

Derivatives of kaempferol have anti-cancer and early healing properties.

Fatty oil revitalizes the cells, regulates metabolism, soothes inflammation.

All these substances will contain and home infusion of chestnut varicose veins.

About contraindications

Tincture of horse chestnut banned:

  • for patients with diabetes;
  • when thrombocytopenia (shortage of platelets means that the blood coagulates poorly, and it threatens the bleeding);
  • for pregnant women in the first trimester;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • Tincturam castaneis
  • in disorders of menstruation.

Having made the decision to be treated this folk remedy infusion of chestnut, which recipe is in this text, consult your physician. Mention that you need to follow strictly the dosage is a plant is poorly poisonous.

How to prepare a tincture chestnut

To prepare a tincture for internal use for the treatment of venous insufficiency in diseases such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, and prostatitis, can take 20 g of crushed brown along with peel chestnut seeds (surface "studded" shell is ejected), filled with 200 ml of vodka.

Infusion in glass vial lasts a week in the dark. Daily shake the contents without opening the lid. The filtered liquid should be taken on an empty stomach day 3 times 30 drops. The course of treatment is 1 month. When it is necessary to monitor blood clotting - need to do analysis.

Help ointments

Well simultaneously with the adoption of tincture lubricate the inflamed veins on legs ointment. Need to make a mixture powder of chamomile flowers, sage leaves - 10 g, kernel, chestnut in shell, chopped - 50 g, potato starch - 5 g of Mixed components with 200 ml of chicken fat (melted and hot), simmer for 2-3 hours on a water bath, after 12 hours of infusion heat to boiling, drain.

flos tincturam, castaneis

Tubs and baths

Not only when varicose veins, but with myalgia, neuralgia, rheumatism, gout, skin itching effective bath with horse chestnut from seed or bark. In a bucket of boiling water to cook for 30 minutes, the milled raw material is 1.5 kg. to Strain, pour into the tub.

To prepare sitz baths for hemorrhoids need to make a mixture of dry raw materials. Need to connect: 3 servings chestnut seeds, chamomile (flowers) ,grass, sage, 5 servings of oak bark. 4 tbsp. l. collection pour into a thermos, pouring boiling water - 3 cups. Strain after 2 hours. To increase the volume of infusion to 2 liters of water (boiled cooled). Tray to take at least 15 minutes.